08.12.2010 - Mezzo-Forte, SEAGALL at GuitarPlayer Party 26

December 8th SEAGALL participated in 26th guitar music festival GuitarPlayer Party.

20.11.2010 - Plan B, SEAGALL at Bokarevs new album presentation

November 20th SEAGALL participated in the concert of Sergey Bokarev, dedicated to his new album Reflection.

Many well-known bands and musicians who influenced Bokarev appeared on stage together with his friends and students: Victor SMOLSKI, FreaKozaks, BLACK THUNDER LADIES, Il'ja ABRAMOV, Maksim KAPITONOV, MURDERCAT.

- Photos

24.10.2010 - Plan B, SEAGALL at GuitarPlayer Party 25

2October 24th SEAGALL performed at the anniversary 25th guitar music festival GuitarPlayer Party.

- Photos

15.10.2010 - SEAGALL in Saint-Petersburg

October 15th SEAGALL took part in the Independent Musicians festival HUNTING! for a Live baiT: Autumn season.

24.09.2010 - SEAGALL at Music Moscow 2010

September 24th SEAGALL performed on the main stage of the international music expo Music Moscow 2010

- Photos

15.09.2010 - SEAGALL Live in Kostroma

September 15th SEAGALL performed at their solo concert in Graal club, Kostroma.

10.09.2010 - Sep 11, 2010 - SEAGALL in Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk

September 10th and 11th took place two big solo shows of the band.

September 10th Arkhangelsk, club The Wheel.

September 11th Severodvinsk, club Perestroyka.

- Photos

27.06.2010 - SEAGALL at OPEN THE WINDOWS 2010 festival

After getting over two screening rounds SEAGALL among other bands took part in a spectacular gala concert of the 10th International Rock Festival OPEN THE WINDOWS in Saint-Petersburg, that took place on three main stages inside and outside of the St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex (SKK) on June 26-27, 2010.

SEAGALL performed on June, 27th.

- Photos

We are grateful to our friends and fans who supported us during the screening process.

Thank you!

25.06.2010 - SEAGALL at ROCK-LINE 2010 festival (Perm)

June 25th SEAGALL performed at Russian Festival ROCK-LINE 2010.

The concert took place on the territory of Bakharevka airport in Perm.

- Photos

09.06.2010 - SEAGALL in Saint-Petersburg

June 9th SEAGALL participated in a final screening round for the OPEN THE WINDOWS festival.

The concert took place in the REVOLUTION club (St.-Petersburg).

26.05.2010 - SEAGALL in Saint-Petersburg

May 26th SEAGALL participated in a screening round for the OPEN THE WINDOWS festival that took place in the Garkundel club (St.-Petersburg).

30.04.2010 - Audio page update

We published a full version of our debut album Illusions (2008) on the Audio page of our web site.


18.04.2010 - SEAGALL at GuitarPlayer Party 24, Plan B club

April 18th SEAGALL rocked at 24th GuitarPlayer Party festival concert.

- Photos

14.04.2010 - SEAGALL in Smolensk

April 14th SEAGALL participated in a guitar music festival in the EXCITE club, Smolensk.

19.03.2010 - SEAGALL in Vologda

March 19th SEAGALL played a big solo concert in the HARDI-GARDI club in Vologda.

12.03.2010 - Mar 13, 2010 - SEAGALL in Arkhangelsk

March 12th and 13th SEAGALL played two shows in Arkhangelsk.

Friday, March 12th SEAGALL performed as a special guest and a festival headliner at the HMR FEST III in the iOD club.

Saturday, March 13th SEAGALL played a solo concert in the Wheel club.

08.03.2010 - Seagalova in Dmitry Maloletovs Guitar Club radio show

March 8th from midnight till 01:00 Elena Seagalova answered to listeners questions in the Dmitry Maloletovs Guitar Club radio show at Russian News Service (107.0 FM).

21.02.2010 - SEAGALL in Plan B at Ladys GuitarPlayer Party 3 (22)

February 21st Elena Seagalova and the SEAGALL band participated in the Ladys GuitarPlayer Party 3 (22) together with other ladies bands and musicians. The concert took place in the Plan B club and was dedicated to the national holiday Fatherland Defenders Day.

- Photos

31.12.2009 - Happy holidays!!!

Dear friends!!!

2009 is coming to an end. It was a challenging year, full of changes. We sincerely hope that all those changes were to the best, and coming 2010 will prove that.

We wish you strong health and good luck, artistic achievements and financial stability, happiness and realization of all your wishes!

As always, we will be happy to meet you at our concerts in the new 2010!!!

May the power and courage of the Tiger be with you!

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