26.12.2011 - E.Seagalova is a representative of Siggi Braun guitars

In the middle of December Elena Seagalova officially terminated her Schecter Guitars endorsement contract with O.K. & Co.

Starting today, Elena Seagalova represents Siggi Braun guitars and owns an exclusive Custom Shop instrument named Foxy Lady.

27.11.2011 - Mezzo-Forte club, SEAGALL at GuitarPlayer Party - 31

November 27, SEAGALL participated in the 31st GuitarPlayer Party festival.


- Part 1

- Part 2

11.10.2011 - Oct, 14, 2011 - SEAGALL at MUSIC-CHINA 2011, Shanghai

From Oct. 11 to 14, 2011, on invitation of EASTERNEDISON company the SEAGALL band (namely Elena Seagalova and ) participated at the International Music Exhibition MUSIC-CHINA 2011 (Shanghai, China) and demonstrated equipment by Marshall Electronics and ENGL.

- Photos

07.10.2011 - English version of the GuitarPlayer Party website opened

October 7th the English version of the Official GuitarPlayer Party website was opened.

All content is available for users in both English and Russian.


23.09.2011 - SEAGALL on Agora Stage / Musikmesse 2011 (Video)

We posted a video picturing SEAGALL performance on Agora Stage, the main stage of the exhibition Musikmesse 2011 (Frankfurt am Main, Germany). You can find the video here.


18.09.2011 - SEAGALL at GuitarPlayer Party 30

September, 18 the band SEAGALL participated in anniversary 30th GuitarPlayer Party festival!

The concert took place in the Plan B club.

- Photos

25.06.2011 - SEAGALL at ROCK-LINE over Vilva festival

June, 25 SEAGALL took part in the unique concert, ROCK-LINE over Vilva (Vsevolodo-Vilva village, Perm krai).

- Photos

18.06.2011 - Jun 19, 2011 - SEAGALL in Arkhangelsk

June 18 and 19 SEAGALL played in Arkhangelsk.

June 18 - the band rocked moto festival Iron Horse 2011.

June 19 - SEAGALL played in the Koleso club.

11.06.2011 - Jun 12, 2011 - SEAGALL in Odessa

June 11-12, 2011 - SEAGALL played two concerts in Odessa.

June 11 - SEAGALL played at the International moto party GOBLIN-SHOW 13.

June 12 - SEAGALLs solo concert took place in the Shkaf club.

26.05.2011 - May 29, 2011 - Elena Seagalova at Palm Expo 2011, China

On invitation of Estern Edison company, May 26-29 Elena Seagalova took part in the International Music Show PALM EXPO 2011 (Beijing, China) as a demonstrator of Marshall Electronics equipment.

- Photos

19.05.2011 - SEAGALL at GuitarPlayer Party 29 in Mezzo-Forte

May 19 SEAGALL played at the 29th Independent guitar music festival, GuitarPlayer Party.

- Photos

29.04.2011 - May 1, 2011 - SEAGALL at the FIFTH GENERATION festival

From April 29 till May 1 the band took part in a series of concerts in scope of the FIFTH GENERATION guitar festival (Arkhangelsk - Severodvinsk).

April 29 - Arkhangelsk, club Koleso.

April 30 - Arkhangelsk, State Museum Union Art Culture of Russian North.

May 1 - Severodvinsk, club Perestroyka.

- Photos

26.04.2011 - Reportage about SEAGALL on Musikverrueckt.de

German music journalist Bronek The Real Dr. Music Kubal published on his website www.musikverrueckt.de an article about Musikmesse 2011. The article includes a detailed report about SEAGALL playing on Agora stage, where the author calls SEAGALL the first surprise of this years exhibition.

- Read the article on www.musikverrueckt.de

- See photos on www.musikverrueckt.de

09.04.2011 - SEAGALL in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

April 9 SEAGALL participated in an anniversary concert of the band Stas Kim & Community that took place in the Das Bett club, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

- Photos

06.04.2011 - Apr 9, 2011 - SEAGALL at Musikmesse 2011, Germany

April 6-9 SEAGALL took part in the International Music Show Musikmesse 2011 (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).

April 6 the band played on the Agora Stage - the main stage of the show.

Elena Seagalova also played on stands of YERASOV and ENGL.

- Photos, part 1

- Photos, part 2

27.03.2011 - SEAGALL at GuitarPlayer Party 28, Plan B

March 27 SEAGALL participated in 28th guitar music festival, GuitarPlayer Party!

- Photos

12.03.2011 - Mar 13, 2011 - SEAGALL in Saint-Petersburg

March 12 and 13 SEAGALL played two concerts in Saint-Petersburg.

March 12 - the band took part in the program Only ladies rock in the Vinyl Story club.

March 13 - a big split-concert of SEAGALL and JAM IT (Saint-Petersburg) in the Fish Fabrique club.

11.03.2011 - SEAGALL in Petrozavodsk

March 11 SEAGALL participated in the Guitar Music Party in Petrozavodsk.

Bands ASKETICS and SPYON also took part in the event.

27.02.2011 - SEAGALL at Ladies GuitarPlayer Party, Plan B

February 27 Elena Seagalova and the band played at the 4th (27th) Ladies GuitarPlayer Party festival dedicated to lady musicians and ladies-only bands.

The festival is traditionally dedicated to the national holiday Fatherland Defenders Day.


05.02.2011 - SEAGALL in Tula

February 5 SEAGALL took part in the First Guitar Party in Tula.

- Photos

22.01.2011 - SEAGALL in Cherepovets

January 22 the band played a solo concert in the Dva Korolya club.

- Photos

31.12.2010 - Happy Holidays!

Dear friends and fans!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We wish you health and luck, happiness and harmony, new craziest and boldest ideas! Let the Music play in your heart!

And we will continue bringing you fun and enjoyment with new tracks and new shows, and will try te get to you wherever you live! Thank you for your love and support!

Let the White Metal Cat smile to you!

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