27.12.2012 - Sergey Bokarev solo album

I'd like to address this message to all friends and fans of Sergey Bokarev.

I will not organize a tribute concert. I have many reasons for that, I won't go into details here, it's not so important anyway.

Instead I propose to do another, much more significant thing.

It's not secret that Sergey worked with a whole lot of bands and misicians, from famous ones to beginners. But he always dreamed to release his own instrumental album, and even began working on it... But he didn't finish it.

With help of Sergey's friends and fellow musicians I want to find and collect all records, drafts and sketches Sergey left, put them in order, correct and finish what is needed, and release his full solo album. It will be an implementation of his unfulfilled dream. It is the best thing we can do in the memory of Sergey.

When the album will be ready, we will make a great concert where all Sergey's friends and colleagues, all whom he taught and with whom he played, could participate. It will be a real tribute to the life of Sergey, a truly bright and joyful event. His music, as well as music of his friends, will be played, and anyone could bring home a part of it - the Sergey's album.

Of course, it's a great amount of work to be done, so don't wait it will happen soon... But I'm sure - together we will do it! In the memory of Sergey Bokarev, the Musician, the Friend, the Human, and the Star among Stars!

Elena Seagalova

27.12.2012 - To the memory of Sergey Bokarev

Terrible news about death of Sergey Bokarev came right before we were ready to announce to all our fans the release of our long-awaited second album in February, 2013, and subsequent Russia tour.

Sergey made a great contribution to the album, he helped and advised us on almost every topic. It is impossible to measure his contribution, he was, in fact, the fifth member of the band.

We want to dedicate the album and all shows of the tour to the memory of Sergey Bokarev. It is of utmost importance for us that you know that a part of his soul lives in our music, and will stay with us forever.

22.12.2012 - Farewell to Sergey Bokarev

On December 20th in Arkhangelsk passed away our dear friend, talanted musician Sergey Bokarev.

We can't find right words to express pain and sorrow caused by the terrible event.

He was infinitely more to us than simply a friend and fellow musician. He was truly one of us...

Farewell to Sergey Bokarev will take place tomorrow, December 23rd, at 12:00 in Mitinsky crematorium, hall #3.

- Directions

02.12.2012 - Mezzo Forte, SEAGALL at GuitarPlayer Party 35

December 2nd, 2012, SEAGALL participated in 35rd GuitarPlayer Party festival concert!

The following artists also performed on the stage that day: SOFT DRIVE (Yaroslavl'), SEAGALL, SERGEY BOKAREV, OLEG SHCHEGOLEV (Kaluga), SOLAR FUSE, ALEKSANDR DEDESHKO, IRIS AGNIS, KONSTANTIN ZHIROV.

- Photos

23.10.2012 - Elena Seagalova at Belomor-Boogie 2012 (Arkhangelsk)

October 20th Elena Seagalova unexpectedly appeared on stage at the legendary Belomor-Boogie festival. Along with the hottest team of BLIND VANDAL and KID LOGIC guitarists, Alexander Firsov and Alexander Dorofeev, and BLIND VANDAL rhythm section, she played a famous Jimi Hendrix song Foxy Lady.

By request from festival's organizers we intentionally didn't announce the performance, making it a complete surprise.

- Photos

05.10.2012 - Website updated with new band member

On the Musicians page we published a bio of our new bassist, Dmitry Shtatnov. You are welcome to get to know more about him!

Dmitry selected Crab as his personal totem, and it is embodied in the band's logo.

The logo and the website are redesigned to reflect the line-up change.

18.09.2012 - Dmitry Shtatnov is SEAGALL's new bassist

Dear friends!

We are glad to inform that Dmitry Shtatnov, well known by his work with bands Quorum, Eternal Wanderers, and Inner Drive, is now a new SEAGALL's bassist. We will soon publish his bio on our web site and redesign the band's logo.

Starting from an end of this fall/beginning of winter SEAGALL will start performing with the new lineup.

16.09.2012 - SEAGALL lineup changes

We'd like to inform all our fans that our bassist, Anatoly Garbuzov, officially left the band for a personal reason. We thank Anatoly for his contribution to the band's life and sound and wish him good luck and further success.

23.07.2012 - SEAGALLOPHONE on Perm streets

Two Perm artists from Kreafish street-art team, Oleg Ivanov and Alexandr Zhunev, used an artistic image of Elena Seagalova to create an unusual art object that they call SEAGALLOPHONE.

SEAGALLOPHONE, installed in Perm, Uralskaya str., 88, is one of the first works created for a street art festival 'Ecology of Space' that will be officially opened on August, 1st.

See details in artists blogs:

Oleg Ivanov's blog >>>
Alexandr Zhunev's blog >>>

- Photos

16.05.2012 - May 19, 2012 - Seagalova at NAMM Musikmesse Russia 2012

From May 16th to 19th Elena Seagalova participated in the International Music Show NAMM Musikmesse Russia 2012 as a demonstrator of Siggi Braun guitars and ENGL aplifiers.

- Photos

06.05.2012 - Mezzo Forte, SEAGALL at GuitarPlayer Party 33

May, 6th SEAGALL participated in 33rd GuitarPlayer Party concert!

The following artists also performed on the stage that day: Max Vincent ROTSHIELD, Sergey BOKAREV, Yar SVETLICHNY, Aleksandr DEDESHKO, Irina PERVOVA, Konstantin ZHIROV, Evgeniy AGALCZOV, KVELOND.

- Photos

18.04.2012 - E.Seagalova became an official artist of ENGL company

We are proud to inform all our fans that, beginning April 2012, Elena Seagalova is an official artist of ENGL company (Germany).

Elena Seagalova and Sergey Bokarev are the first Russian guitarists who earned the status of international endorsers of ENGL amps.

Congrats welcome!

06.04.2012 - SEAGALL at GUITAR FOR YOU (Bryansk, Russia)

April 6th Elena Seagalova and SEAGALL performed as the special guests at the GUITAR FOR YOU festival in Bryansk, Russia.

GUITAR FOR YOU festival was held in Bryansk for the 5th time. It gathers lovers of the instrument in all its forms from classic to electric.

24.03.2012 - SEAGALL at ROCKINVASION XV (Ratingen, Germany)

March 24th SEAGALL rocked the stage at ROCKINVASION XV festival in Ratingen, Germany.

The following bands also performed at the festival: JURASSIC BLUES (Germany), SOMNIUM VIVUS (Germany), FIFTH REGION (Germany).

- Photos

21.03.2012 - March 24, 2012 - SEAGALL at Musikmesse 2012 (Germany)

March 21 - 24, SEAGALL band members participated in the International Music Fair Musikmesse 2012 (Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany) as music instrument and equipment demonstrators.

- Photos

15.03.2012 - Stas Kim - 'Obvious Secrets' (2012)

We are pleased to share good news from our German friends, Stas Kim band. They released their long-awaited album, 'Obvious Secrets'.

Click here to read more about the album and listen to several tracks.


03.03.2012 - SEAGALL at Iron Maidens Festival (Kaluga)

March 9th Elena Seagalova and SEAGALL took part in Iron Maidens 2012 Festival in Kaluga, Russia.

SEAGALL is the first instrumental band that has been taking part in the festival, making the concert a truly unique event in the 6 year history of the festival.

- Photos

26.02.2012 - Mezzo Forte, SEAGALL at Ladies GuitarPlayer Party 5 (GPP 32)

February 26th, 2012, Elena Seagalova and SEAGALL participated in the 5th Ladies GuitarPlayer Party (GPP-32) concert along with other ladies bands and solo players.

The following artists was participate: SEAGALL, AELLA, Arambic, ОТТА-orchesrta, Nina Yakimenko, Anna Petrova, Lera Igla, Polina Sedova, Ri & Co, Irina Pervova.

The concert is dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

- Photos

05.02.2012 - SEAGALL live on TV show ContraPunkt

February 5th SEAGALL participated in a talk-show KontraPunkt on 'Live TV'. The band played a set and answered questions from the host.

Thanks everyone who attended the show or watched it on the 'Live TV' website.

- Photos

19.01.2012 - 22.01.2012 - SEAGALL at NAMM Show 2012, USA

January, 19 - 22, two SEAGALL band members, Elena Seagalova and Alexander Sinitsyn, participated in one of the largest music product trade shows in the world, NAMM Show 2012 as demonstrators of Marshall Electronics and ENGL equipment.

The show took place in Anaheim, California, USA.

- Photos

17.01.2012 - The English version of the web-site is opened

Today, January 17th, we are pleased to introduce the English version of the band's official website.

Most part of the site is now available in both Russian and English.


31.12.2011 - Happy Holidays!

Dear friends!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We wish you good health, happiness and wellbeing; inspiration and harmony; and, of course, acumen and power of the Dragon!

See you next year!

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