SEAGALL Ц ЂHidden Egoї 2013
(CD-Maximum - Russia, recordJet - worldwide)

The album consists of eight instrumental tracks, for of which are written by Elena Seagalova and four by Alexander Sinitsyn. All arrangements are made by the whole band. Thereby the album Hidden Ego represents SEAGALL in a new way, as a full-fledged artistic quartet.

The sound of the band has changed considerably being now hard and more dramatic, with more diverse stylistic approach. Retaining the previous groundwork, the band continue their experiments with various styles of music, which is fully reflected in the new album. Musically Hidden Ego is a combination of the traditional instrumental mainstream rock with elements of funk, fusion, progressive, and oriental melodies. However, the album remains a complete piece united by a common idea and musical drama, as well as by an unusual cover design made by an artist and photographer Eugenia Sharafetdinova.

Anyone who will buy a CD will also find a small surprise right in the box.

The bandТs lineup at the beginning of the recording:
Elena Seagalova Ц guitar
Alexander Sinitsyn Ц guitar
Anatoly Garbuzov Ц bass
Ilya Lipatov Ц drums, percussion.

Because Anatoly Garbuzov had left the band when the album was being recorded, all bass lines were recorded by a guest artist, Dmitry Maximov.

Keyboards and charango parts were recorded by a multi-instrumentalist Dmitry Shtatnov, who later joined SEAGALL as a new bassist.

The Hidden Ego album and all supporting concerts SEAGALL dedicate to the memory of their dear friend, exceptional human being and talented guitarist Sergey Bokarev, passed away in December 2012.

Elena Seagalova & SEAGALL Ц ЂIllusionsї 2008
(CD-Maximum - Russia)

The album includes seven instrumental tracks, two songs, and a bonus track. All the music was composed by Elena Seagalova, which makes Elena the first Russian lady guitarist, who recorded an instrumental rock album.

The style of the album goes beyond the traditional idea of instrumental guitar rock, combining elements of different musical styles ranging from blues and funk to jazz-rock to elements of Celtic folk music.

The instrumental compositions are distinguished by a combination of bright melody and unusual rhythmic patterns that form a unique artistic style of the band.

Two songs of the album are also performed in this style, though with a slightly different flavour. All voice parts were performed by Artjom Styrov (Sergey Mavrin). Lyrics were written by Elena Seagalova in collaboration with a young poet Ulyana Epaneshnikova.

The bonus track is a surprise for all fans of the band Ц an electronic remix of the title track, Illusions.

Album's booklet by Eugeni Sharafetdinova.

Photos by Evgeniy Stukalin.

The following SEAGALL band members participated in recording of the album::
Elena Seagalova Ц guitar
Alexander Sinitsyn Ц guitar
Khaled Ц bass
Ilya Lipatov Ц drums, percussion.

Artjom Styrov - special guest, vocals.

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