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Elena Seagalova is a guitarist, composer, and arranger; many times winner of various guitar festivals; an official artist of Siggi Braun (Germany), ENGL (Germany), (Russia), HESU (Poland).

Secondary State Musical College of Variety and Jazz Arts, 2001 (electric guitar). Higher Modern Arts Institute, 2006 (electric guitar).

Elena formed her first band, Snakes, in 1994, before entering the College. During learning years she worked with bands Random Band, The Teachers / TT and Utah.

In 2000, in close collaboration with Shamray Guitars and luthier Dmitriy Sushkov, she designed the unique guitar, Shamray Seagall, specifically for musicians with smaller hands. Later the instrument was repeatedly shown on different music exhibitions, such as Music Moscow (2001-2005) in Moscow and Musikmesse (2003) in Saint-Petersburg.

In 2003 Seagalova formed her own instrumental project, SEAGALL. The band made their debut on a master-class of Dmitry Chetvergov and Dmitry Maloletov in October, 2003, and since then continues active artistic and concert life.

From 2003 to 2012 - electric guitar teacher at Modern Arts Institute.

From 2005 to 2007 the guitarist of the Moscow band Znaki, with which she played on stage of well-known Russian rock festivals: Rock-Fuzz 2006 (Saint-Petersburg), Wings 2006, Emmouse 2006, Tuborg GreenFest (Rostov), New Wave 2006 (Jurmala), Nashestvie 2006 (Ryazan); also took part in recording of the debut album of the band Inside Out.

In 2006 together with Moscow guitarists Oleg Izotov and Sergey Bokarev Seagalova created a concert guitar project Trinity, with which and her band SEAGALL participated in joint concerts with many Russian guitar scene stars such as Igor Romanov (Alisa, ex-Zemlyane), Sergey Terentiev (Arteria, ex-Kipelov, ex-Aria), Dmitry Maloletov, Dmitry Chetvergov, Victor Smolsky (RAGE) (Germany).

From 2006 to 2011 exclusive endorser of Schecter Extreme guitars in Russia (under a contract with O.K. & Co, the official Schecter distributor in Russia).

In 2006 Elena Seagalova and Sergey Bokarev founded an Independent guitar music festival, GuitarPlayer Party that still has no similar counterparts in its scope in Russia. The festival consists of a series of instrumental music concerts taking place in Moscow clubs 4 or 5 times a year. The unique concept of the GuitarPlayer Party lies in a chance for beginning guitarists of any age and music style to play on one stage with well known musicians. In 2013 the festival became an international event as it welcomed on stage such famous guitar music persona as Christophe Godin (France) and Mattias IA Eklundh (Sweden). Besides, starting September 2014, every first festival of the season takes place on stage of the international music trade show NAMM MusikMesse Russia.

In October, 2008 the debut album of Elena Seagalova and SEAGALL, Illusions, was released on CD-Maximum, one of leading Russian record labels. Elena Seagalova composed all the music for the album, being, in fact, the first lady guitarist in Russia who recorded an instrumental rock album.

During spring 2009 two compositions of Elena Seagalova & SEAGALL, The Mood and Illusions, got in Top Ten of the best instrumental tracks on the Guitar Solo channel of an artist community OurStage.com (analogue of MySpace.com).

After the release of the first album Elena Seagalova & SEAGALL participated in a number of biggest independent Russian rock festivals, including Belomor-Boogie 2009 (Arkhangelsk), ROCK-LINE 2010, ROCK-LINE 2013 (Perm), OPEN THE WINDOWS 2010 (Saint-Petersburg), guitar festival FIFTH GENERATION 2011 (Arkhangelsk Severodvinsk), and in the unique instrumental music festival ROCK-LINE over Vilva 2011 (Vsevolodo-Vilva) along with best Russian instrumental bands.

From 2005 Elena Seagalova & SEAGALL take part in the international exhibition Music Moscow, and from 2011 demonstrate guitar equipment on biggest world music exhibitions, such as PalmExpo (Beijing), Music China (Shanghai), Musikmesse (Frankfurt-am-Main), NAMM Show (Anaheim, USA).

In April 2011 Elena Seagalova & SEAGALL performed on AGORA Stage the main stage of the international music exhibition Musikmesse (Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany) along with such musicians like Mattias IA Eklundh, Alex Hutchins, Andy Timmons, Christophe Godin, Paul Reed Smith Band, Devin Townsend, RAGE, Phil Collins Band.

Starting April, 2012, Elena Seagalova is an official artist of ENGL (Germany). Elena Seagalova together with Sergey Bokarev became the first Russian musicians acquired the status of international endorsers of ENGL amplifiers.

From 2001 Elena Seagalova has been actively teaching electric guitar. From 2003 until 2012 she worked in the Modern Art Institute as an electric guitar teacher. Elena has developed several unique teaching methods. She has given many guitar seminars and masterclasses in Europe, including series of masterclasses at EUROROCK festival (Duisburg, Germany) and a seminar as a part of Siggi Braun guitars company 20th Anniversary celebration (Göppingen, Germany).

In February 2013 a second SEAGALL album, Hidden Ego, released on the CD-Maximum label. The album consists of eight instrumental tracks, for of which are written by Elena Seagalova and four by Alexander Sinitsyn. All arrangements are made by the whole band. Thereby the album Hidden Ego represents SEAGALL in a new way, as a full-fledged artistic quartet.

In June 2013 German company Siggi Braun Guitars added Elena Seagalova to a list of official artists. Elena is the only official Siggi Braun artist from Russia.

June 21st, 2013 with support from recordJet label SEAGALL digitally released worldwide their latest album, Hidden Ego. The album is available in all biggest online music stores including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Musicload, Nokia Music and others. Hidden Ego has received perfect critic reviews from journalists and music magazines all around Europe.

In June 2014 Seagalova became an official artist of Polish company HESU, and in the beginning of 2015 an official artist of Russian .

At the moment Elena Seagalova & SEAGALL are actively touring in support of their new album, Hidden Ego, and are working on material for a new release.

- Elena Seagalova on Facebook.com


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