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            Practical Music Psychology

The author's educational course of Elena Seagalova Practical Music Psychology is devoted to the psychological aspects of musical practice and pedagogy.


Music is a profession associated with quite large nervous, emotional and mental loads that are not found in other spheres of human activity. And therefore, there are a number of things that a person must know and understand in order to be able to cope with these loads adequately and effectively. In addition, understanding the processes that occur in our mind during music lessons can be an invaluable help in solving the problems that we face, both - musical and psychological.


The development of imagination, improving memory and perception, improving the quality of attention and increasing its time threshold, developing the most effective algorithm for independent studies taking into account individual psychological characteristics, overcoming the crisis of self-esteem and creative crisis, developing optimal creative technologies, the causes of fear of public performance and methods of combating it, creating a favorable psychological climate in the creative team, criticism and attitude to it - all these topics are revealed in the course program Practical Music Psychology.


The purpose of this course is to provide the most complete and versatile presentation of information on each of the topics in a form that will be understandable even for an unprepared listener, as well as to offer specific practical guides for solving problems in these areas.

                      you can find videos of all lectures and seminars of the Practical Music Psychology course.


Elena Sigalova's thematic articles in social networks are available under the hashtag #практическаямузыкальнаяпсихология


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Attention! This course is educational and is not psychotherapy!


At the moment, the course Practical Music Psychology is available only in Russian.


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